ABM-SCI: ASR for Training and Research

We present ASR-SCI, the first Artificial Booth Mate with a feature that makes it suitable to be used in the Interpreting Classroom and for Research purposes.

An Artificial Boothmate is a computer-assisted tool based on Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning that suggests interpreters in real-time with term translations and numbers.

The particularity of this tool is that it allows the trainer/researcher to create a session, both by uploading a curated glossary in EN+several target languages (semi-automation) or by simply indicating the topic of the speech (full automation) and share it with all the students/probands. The trainer/researcher can read aloud a speech on her device, or connect an audio/video source, and all the students/probands can access in real-time the Artificialbooth Mate from their own computers.

The tool runs on the cloud, so students/probands do not need to install any tool. They simply receive a link from the trainer/researcher and open it in their favorite web browser.

The tool works with English as a source language. The suggestions can be based both on the glossary trainer/researcher's curated glossary or be completely automatic by our Machine Learning system.


The tool will be available from September the 1st.