Center for Augmented Interpretation

At the University of Mainz we design, prototype and do empirical research around Computer-Assisted Interpreting tools and study Machine Interpreting (Speech Translation) from a communicative perspective.

The Artificial Boothmate - Computer-assisted interpreting tools

Computer-assisted interpreting (CAI) tools support professional interpreters during several phases of their work, from preparing for a highly specialized event to seeking automated support while interpreting. We are intensively working on several aspects of CAI tools: we design and develop them, test human-machine interaction, create training material to learn how to use them.

Some of our projects:

  • A free version of our AI-enhanced CAI tool using Automatic Speech Recognition for numbers is available here.
  • We designed InterpretBank, the leading AI-enhanced CAI-tool on the market. Now a commercial product.
  • ABM-SCI: a dedicated Artificial Boothmate designed for the classroom. Available here.
  • We are a research partner of the EABM project. The Ergonomics for the Artificial Booth Mate (EABM).

The EABM project is funded by the European Commission (DG Interpretation).


Machine Interpreting from a communicative perspective

Machine Interpreting (speech-to-text and speech-to-speech translation) is the automated translation of a spoken text into written text or into speech. Different from Computer Science, we study machine interpreting from a communicative perspective, i.e. how this works in real-life communications settings. We concentrate on conference interpreting.

The first phase of the M.INTerpreting project is funded by the Mainz University.