AI support for professional interpreters

We develop and study artificial intelligence-enhanced interpreting tools. At our center, we developed the first prototype of an artificial boothmate in 2017* and are still working on new prototypes, for example ABM-SCI, a tool designed for training.

Computer-assisted interpreting (CAI) tools support professional interpreters during several phases of their work, from preparing for a highly specialized event to seeking automated support while interpreting. We are intensively working on several aspects of CAI tools: we design and develop them, test human-machine interaction, create training material to learn how to use them.

Our projects:

  • A free version of our AI-enhanced CAI tool using Automatic Speech Recognition for suggesting numbers in real-time is available here.
  • ABM-SCI: a dedicated Artificial Boothmate designed for the classroom. Available here.
  • The Ergonomics for the Artificial Booth Mate (EABM)
  • We designed InterpretBank, the leading AI-enhanced CAI-tool on the market. Now a commercial product.